Civil and Structural Engineering and Fabrication

Backed by a well-established and reputable civil and structural department, ElkanStaal has succeeded in completing several projects for global leaders over the years, not only meeting, but exceeding industry standards. As part of the organisation’s turnkey construction team, the civil and structural department is rapidly expanding and steadily becoming a leader in its field, thanks to its meticulous attention to detail and its commitment to delivering quality at the highest level.

Mechanical Engineering Fabrication

A leader in the field of mechanical engineering, ElkanStaal has successfully completed numerous multidisciplinary projects for several international clients, with a specific focus on piping and mechanical work. Further to this, ElkanStaal also specialises in welding, with all of its welders qualified in accordance with international codes, criteria, and mechanical construction.

With a highly skilled, experienced, and motivated management team in place, Elkanstaal is at the forefront of innovation in this field, leading the way with a reputation built on reliability, tenaciousness, and undeniable expertise.


For years ElkanStaal has been the maintenance contractor of choice for a number of renowned industry leaders, preferred for its experience, its capabilities, and its robust procedures and processes.


ElkanStaal has successfully completed multiple shutdowns with a wide variety of scope, offering turnkey shutdown solutions across a diverse range of industries, and a proven track record of quality, dedication and commitment.


Many of Elkanstaal’s multidisciplinary projects consist of demolition and remedial work – and in this we are proud to reflect the strength and resilience of our name. This fortitude, together with our passion for providing our clients with safe, affordable, quality turnkey solutions in the field of construction, is what has led to our industry-wide reputation for excellence, and our continued success.

Engineering DESIGN

With a wealth of experience and proficiencies, as well as firmly established procedures and processes, ElkanStaal is ideally positioned to offer a wide range of multidisciplinary engineering design solutions within the civil and structural industries. We pride ourselves in identifying, formulating, managing and executing our engineering solutions with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, in strict accordance with project scopes and schedules.

Our turnkey engineering solutions are offered in the concept, basic, and detail phases of a project, while our expertise in multidisciplinary engineering design (mechanical, civil and structural) includes the formulation and modelling of process layout and intent, pressure equipment, concrete and steel analysis, and various other equipment specifications.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel, we are also able to assist and support in the planning, execution, handover and commissioning of projects normally executed on an EPC or EPCM basis. The rapid increase in the demand for our engineering services speaks volumes of our reputation within the industry – one founded on the commitment to offering consistently cost-effective, environmentally friendly, user-friendly, professional and prompt engineering solutions to our clients.


Having developed numerous policies, procedures and processes over the years, ElkanStaal has the necessary expertise and methodology to successfully plan, initiate, execute and close out multidisciplinary projects from the initial concept engineering phase to the final handover and commissioning stage.

Our comprehensive project management systems within the mechanical, civil and structural areas ensure that the following fundamental principles are carried out in strict accordance with both client and project criteria and expectations:

deliverables are being completed within the baseline timeframe
deliverables are being completed within the baseline cost plan
deliverables are being completed to the defined expectations, the first time round
the required Safety, Health & Environmental standards are being achieved
all required statutory and regulatory conditions are being met
all changes to the project are being managed without unduly affecting any stated objectives and benefits
Team Leader
both the engineering and construction teams are being managed effectively
Cash Flow
Net project cash flow is being achieved as per the defined expectations
Performance (Value)
progress is being achieved at the expected costs
Project progress is being regularly and timeously reported to the client
foreseen project risks are being proactively managed and mitigated as necessary